Ocean's Symphony

Includes thirty-eight works in various media by the young Miami-based artist that were collected over the past ten years by the Rubell family. Born in 1978 and a graduate of New World School of the Arts in Miami, Bas has become one of South Florida’s most celebrated artists. His work, which incorporates romantic and classical imagery, finds inspiration in youth and Goth culture, fashion layouts, and books, among them the Hardy Boys series, as well as the work of Wilde, Huysmans, and other writers of the Aesthetic and Decadent period of literature reimagined from the perspective of a young gay artist. At the center of the exhibition is a specially commissioned, grand-scale video and sculpture installation, Ocean's Symphony, a sumptuous tribute to the myth of the mermaid (the center piece of this installation is a Merman which was created by Juan Cabana for Hernan Bas).